May 15, 2020

Benefits of Getting Braces in the Summer

The sun is shining, grills are heating up, and the days are long.  Summer is in full swing!  This also means that it is the perfect time to start creating your child’s beautiful smile with orthodontic treatment!

We know – getting braces or starting Invisalign treatment may not be the most fun summertime activity, but for many kids, it is an ideal time to get a head start on aligning their teeth and obtaining a beautiful, healthy, and functional smile.

Here are a few reasons summer is a great time to start orthodontic treatment:

  • School is out meaning appointments can be scheduled without missing valuable time in school.
  • Summer gives kids valuable time to learn how to get used to their braces or Invisalign treatment. They will have time to learn how to brush and floss properly as well as adjust to eating braces-friendly foods before they have to go back to school.
  • Returning to school with braces after a long break can mean that your child may feel more natural and confident when they see their peers. Their teeth may even have started to straighten out!

Of course, not every child will be ready to start their orthodontic journey this summer, but it is the perfect time to schedule their complimentary consultation with Dr. Thiel and our orthodontic team!